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A basic skill:




Some words on how our auteur got her skillz,
from the fabulous site ohioedit.com:
My Hillbilly Heritage #1:
Look Homeward, Y'All
My Hillbilly Heritage #2:
A Fascinating Sociological Connection Between the Industrial
Revolution, Company Stores, Time Clocks, and Squirrel Meat
My Hillbilly Heritage #3:
The Good Thing About Watching TV Is That
It Keeps Me Away From The Oven
My Hillbilly Heritage #4:
Boiling Shit Down in Kettles is What Hillbillies Do Best
My Hillbilly Heritage #5:
Put Your Head in This Bowl and Hold Still
My Hillbilly Heritage #6:
Coonrippy 2016
My Hillbilly Heritage #7:
Daisy Mae Gets Married




If you enjoyed those shorter works,
here are some more substantial offerings:
Communities and Networks:
Using Social Network Analysis to
Rethink Urban and Community Studies
An Afternoon in Summer:
My Year on a South Sea Island, Doing Nothing,
Gaining Everything, and Finally Falling in Love
Collective Creativity: Art and Society in the South Pacific
[Anthropology and Cultural History in Asia and the Indo-Pacific]




The Canner made a film, The Internationalist,
which has been saved from pre-digital oblivion here:




Admit it, you want more video....
Here is a talk the Canner gave at TEDxMileHigh:




If there is no more video, how about some audio?
The Canner was co-host of the weekly show Off Topic
(or see this site) on the local NPR affiliate KRCC.
Here are the episodes which could be recovered:
Episode 1: Death in the Digital Age
Episode 2: St. Patrick's Day in the Rear View Mirror
Episode 3: Give and Take — Pirates, Profiteers, and
Art in the Age of Appropriation
Episode 5: The Fantasy of Childhood
Episode 7: Space is the Place
Episode 8: Under Pressure — The Psychology of Performance
Episode 9: Elusive Origins — In Search of The Authentic
Episode 10: Discovery!
Episode 11: Apocalypse Now! The End of Hollywood?
Episode 12: Race, Racism, and White Privilege
Episode 13: Transformations of Higher Education
in the 21st Century, LIVE!
Episode 14: Reaping What We Sow — Food Politics
& Policy in America
Episode 15: The Shape of Language




Here is some of the Canner's visual art:
Forty-eight Pictures of the Sky

[click to go to the (very large) gallery]




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Finally, the Canner's home on the web...
...is here.



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